Sufi Tour along Uzbekistan

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Meeting-seeing off, one temporary SIM CARD for a team leader of the group, hotel accommodation, breakfast, dinner, flight Tashkent-Termez, transportation during the route, guide services, entrance tickets to the museums, the daily provision of mineral water 0.5, snacks during long trips, souvenirs from the organizers, dinner in Bukhara with a folk concert (depending on the weather conditions)


Meals, personal expenses (telephone calls, laundry, additional beverages, etc.), photo and video shooting expenses, gratuities and tips, alcoholic beverages



Day 1:

Arrival in Tashkent

Arrival at Tashkent international airport. On arrival, guests will pass customs control, which takes about 1 hour. At the exit guests will be greeted by our local guide with a car.

12.00 Arrival at the Hotel. Accommodation.

13.00 Lunch at a local restaurant

14.00 Tour of Tashkent includes:

- Independence Square, Amir Timur Square»;

- Built new mosque "Minor»

- Complex "hast-Imam" to the Mausoleum of Kaffal Shashi, madrassah Barak-Khan madrasah "Kukeldash". Museum of the Quran, which holds a unique relic – the original Osman's Koran (the VII century).

- Zangiata complex is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims .

18.00 Return to the hotel. Free time for rest

20.00 Dinner at the local restaurant. Night in hotel

Day 2:

06.00-06.30 Breakfast at the hotel

07.30 transfer to the railway station by Express train "Afrosiab" to Samarkand at 08.00

10.20 Arrival in Samarkand, the capital of the Tamerlane Empire.

10.30 am Start of city Tour in Samarkand:

- Magnificent Registan square with three madrasas (15-17 centuries), the largest square in Central Asia

-The mausoleum "Rukhabad" (XIV century the burial place of the Islamic preacher, theologian and scholar-mystic Sheikh Burhaneddin klichkov Sagardzhi.);

12.00 Lunch at a local restaurant. Check in to the hotel.

14.00 After a short rest-Continuation of the Tour of Samarkand:

- The mausoleum "Gur Emir" - Tomb of Tamerlane and the Timurids

Architectural complex "Shahi-Zinda»

- Mosque " Bibihanym”

- Mirzo Ulugbek Observatory-astronomical miracle of medieval Asia

20.00 Dinner at a local restaurant

21.00 overnight at the hotel

Day 3:

08.00 Breakfast at the hotel

09.00 visiting Holy places outside the city and in the city of Samarkand:

- Mosque and mausoleum of Ismail al-Bukhari (al-Bukhari Muhammad bin Ismail Abu Abdallah al-Djufi (810-870)), 12 kilometers from Samarkand.

-Mosque of Hazrat-khizr, Islam's Holy immortal, mysterious teacher of prophet Musa.

13.00 Lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch we will continue the tour:

-The Hodja Daniyar Mausoleum (The Prophet Daniel).

- Museum “Afrosiab

- Siab Bazaar

20.00 Dinner at a local restaurant

21.00 overnight at the hotel

Day 4: Samarkand-Bukhara

07: 00 Breakfast at the hotel.

08:30 depart Samarkand and drive to Bukhara (280 km, 4 hours)

11.30 Lunch on the way.

12: 30 Arrival to Holy Bukhara is one of the centers of Islamism . On arrival Check in to the hotel.

13.30 Tour starts in Bukhara :

A visit to the graves of Sufi saints 7( 7 feasts) of Bukhara:

-1) Trip to Gijduvan. Visit the tomb of Sheikh “Abdul Abd al-Khaliq Gijduvani,” which was founded by the Central Asian school of Sufism.

-2) Moving to Shafirkan. Visiting the graves “Haji Arif Rewari” or “Khoja Arif Manitoban” he was a disciple and successor of Abdullah Abd al-Khaliq Gijduvani.

-3) Moving to Vabkent district. Visiting the graves “Khoja Mahmud Anjir Faghnawi” one of the most famous Sufis of his time.

-4) Visiting the grave of Khoja Ali Ramitani”

performer desires. It is popularly known as Azizon – “the Venerable Sheikh”.

17.00 Return to the hotel. Free time for rest.

20.00 Dinner at a local restaurant

21.00 overnight at the hotel



Day 5:



09:00 Breakfast at the hotel


10.00 Continuation of pilgrimage for Sufi places of Bukhara:


- -5) visiting the graves “Khoja Muhammad Babaji Samose” (1259-1354.), follower “Khoja Ali Ramitani”. He is the fifth feast of the seven feasts.


-6) visit to the tomb of St. “said Mir Kulol”. “"The mausoleum of Sayyid Amir al Dome” is located in the village Suhor.


--7) a Visit to the Khoja Bahauddin Naqshbandi Memorial the Mausoleum of St. Bahauddin Naqshband is considered to be a Central Asian Mecca. Believers from different Muslim countries come here to ask for fulfillment of desires and aversion of sins.


13.00 Lunch at a local restaurant.


14.00 After Lunch - Continuation Of The Tour:


-the summer residence of the Emir "Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa" (XIX cent.),


-ancient tomb of the Necropolis "Chor-Bakr" (X century),


17.00 Return to the hotel


19.00 Dinner at the local restaurant. Night in hotel.


Day 6: Bukhara



09.00 Breakfast at the hotel.


10.00 Sightseeing Tour of Bukhara:


- The architectural complex "Labi-Hauz" - the largest artificial reservoir of medieval Bukhara (14-17 centuries), the mosque And "Nodir-divan-Begi" (V. 17),


The Ulugbek madrasah is one of the three madrasa, built by Tamerlane's grandson - Ulugbek (15 in)


13.00 Lunch at a local restaurant


- - Trade domes of Toki Bukhara»


Madrasah Mir-I-Arab,


- ensemble "POI Kalon", a minaret "Kalyan" - the main symbol of sacred Bukhara (12)


- A Complex Of Bolo-Hauz


- Citadel Arch - center of Bukhara statehood (9th century BC).)


Mausoleum of the Samanids - the most ancient brick building in Central Asia, a masterpiece of world architecture (9-10th centuries)


- Chashma Ayub ", which belongs to esteemed "places of trace" left by saints (14 in)


19.00 dinner at the local restaurant.


20.00 Overnight at the hotel.


Day 7:

08.00 Early Breakfast at the hotel

09.00 check out of the hotel. Moving to Khiva - the Last capital of the Khorezm Empire. ((6-7 hours on the way)

17.00 Arrival in Khiva. Accommodation in hotel

17.30 Free time for rest

19.30 Dinner in the Khorezm restaurant.

Night in hotel

Day 8:



09.00 Breakfast at the hotel


10.00 Start the walking tour in Khiva:


- Madrasah Of Muhammad Aminhana ,


Kunya - Ark,


- Tash-Hovli Palace


- Kalta-Minor


12.00 lunch at a local restaurant . After lunch, the tour will be continued


- Juma mosque,


Mausoleum Of Pahlavan-Mahmud,


Minaret Of Islam-Khodja


The Isfandiyar-Khan madrasah


- Juma mosque


- Allakuli Khan madrasah


18:00 transfer to the airport of Urgench for flight to Tashkent


19:30 Arrival to Tashkent international airport


20: 00 dinner at a local restaurant. Night in hotel



Day 9:

Early Breakfast at the hotel

Departure from the Hotel.

Beginning of the tour in Tashkent:

Walk in Old city –“Eski Shakhar” the old part of the city where the Russian Empire inhabited by local Uzbeks.

- Visiting Chorsu Bazaar, a market that was known in the Middle ages and was of great importance on the way of the great silk Road

13.00 Lunch at a local restaurant

- Walk through the local shopping center "TSUM»,

- Visiting shops in " Samarkand Darvoza”

- Shopping center "MegaPlanetMall".

17:00 transfer to the airport for the last departure

***The End Of The Tour ***






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